Guardrails Province of North Holland and Dura Vermeer

Item: guardrails
Pilot partners: Province of North Holland and Dura Vermeer

Why participate?
Various pilot projects are already running in North Holland to stimulate innovations in this field. In the DCW pilot, North Holland is testing “as a service” for the first time as a contract type that can give circular innovations an extra boost.

Dura Vermeer is responsible for the maintenance of provincial infrastructure in the region Kop van Noord-Holland. The pilot is investigating whether an “as a service” contract for roadside furniture, including guardrails, provides the right incentives for extending the lifespan and reusing the furniture.

Key learning questions:

  • From what scale is “as a service” profitable as a type of contract for roadside furniture such as guardrails?
  • How do we incorporate the agreements in a contract that gives the contractor sufficient room to innovate?
  • What does this approach mean for their own organisations?
  • If the pilot is successful, can this approach be scaled up to other infrastructure maintenance areas, such as road, bridge and waterway maintenance?