Province of Overijssel N739 Sustainable Road Management

Pilot: N739 Sustainable Road Management
provincial road
Pilot partners: Province of Overijssel and Dura Vermeer

With its sustainability policy, the province wants to challenge the market to be daring and take risks. The N739 Sustainable Road Management circular pilot is a good example of this.

Learning questions

  • To what extent is “as a service” an ideal contract type that stimulates maximum circularity?
  • How should the learning process of dealing with “as a Service” be organised? How do you develop new products?
  • And how do you specify the functionality?

Project N739: sustainable road management provincial road

The N739 sustainable road management project is the first road construction project to be carried out as an “as a service” contract. The 785-metre section from the junction with the A35 to the built-up area in Hengelo will therefore become the most circular road in the Netherlands.

In the pilot, the province of Overijssel and Dura Vermeer are running the project as an “as a service” collaboration.

Contractor is responsible
As the
(still fictitious) road manager, Dura Vermeer will be fully responsible for the quality of the link road for a year during the pilot. As a customer, the province will pay a fixed fee for the availability of the road.

The aim: to take major steps
the pilot, Overijssel and Dura Vermeer want to investigate whether “as a service” can actually take the major steps towards circularity that are hoped for. They are also investigating the agreements and incentives that will promote circularity the most, how the link to the existing road network can best be arranged within an “as a service” contract, what cost savings are possible and what the consequences of the new form of co-operation are for the individual organisations’ processes.

“As the province of Overijssel, we want to help develop tools that embed sustainability and make it applicable on a daily basis. That is an important reason for taking part in The Circular Road. We want to learn from it. There is a great deal of mutual trust between us and the contractor Dura Vermeer. That’s necessary, too, because in practice you see a mutual shift in roles and responsibilities. For example, we drew up the call for tenders together, which is quite special.

Erik Wiltink, Project Manager, Province of Overijssel